Cast iron and steel castings, molding patterns, forgings.

Making cast iron, steel castings and molding patterns Making die forgings and open-die forgings as well as machining.

Molding patterns

Our company offers high-quality molding patterns in the H2 class which are made according to PN-EN 12890. In most cases, the models for hand molding are made of waterproof plywood and alder wood, Styrofoam occasionally. In the event of a different casting technology ( machine molding or on molder's line) we offer a model made of epoxy resin, to ensure compliance with about 50-60 thousand shapes.

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Castings can be made of exemplary types of materials:

  • gray cast iron (GJL 150, GJL 200, GJL 250, GJL 300 according to EN-1561)
  • Ductile iron (GJS 400-15, 400-18 GJS, GJS 500-7, 600-3 GJS, GJS 700-2 EN-1563)
  • alloy cast iron containing, inter alia, Cu, Cr, Ni, Mo
  • low-carbon constructional cast (eg. 230-450W, L600)
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We can perform the following types of materials which the forgings can be made of according to PN / EN / DIN.

  • non-alloy structural steel, general purpose
  • non-alloy steel of high toughness
  • non-alloy steel for surface hardening and toughening
  • structural alloy steel for carburizing
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Mechanical treatment

We offer finished-mechanical treatment, including X 715 universal milling machine and various types of lathes depending on the size of the detail. Through many years of collaboration and co-operation we can also offer water cutting service in five quality classes.

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Who we are?

The owner and founder of the company is Jakub Cieśliczka, a graduate of the Technical University of Czestochowa Department of Materials Processing Technology and Applied Physics, specializing in molding and Foundry Technical earlier. Many years of experience gained in the industry in a number of manufacturing plants (including three foundries) at various workplaces, such as quality controller, constructor-technologist, the master of the faculty, the chief marketing specialist, helped to establish many business contacts with several dozen contractors throughout the country and the countries of the European Union.